Location Immersion


My ‘about’ page picture and I’m completely ignoring my own risk assessment! Every twelfth wave was crashing over the rock I was stood on so a careful juggling act of shutter cocking, lens wiping and bracing for impact was necessary. Sometimes, actually most of the time the only way to get the photograph I want is to get amongst it and I have found that a little bit of adrenaline helps to keep your feet warm.

I am a big believer in getting to know the location you are planning to shoot so you can workout your composition, where the light will be at what time and if your shooting at the coast, where the tide will be. I usually do this at times when the weather isn’t where I want it, so to speak. Being able to arrive at a location when the condition are just right knowing you can quickly set up for your shot, will mitigate the panic of missing the light.

This photograph was taken in Elgol on the Isle of Skye, I must have spent weeks here over the years, most of it sat in my Jeep sitting out a storm. It is a location I know intimately but still get incredibly excited about. In January of this year I spent three days here with a total of about two hours of good light!

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